We are compassionate
We are collaborative
We are trustworthy
We are innovative
We are extraordinary
We are 1stMed Health Solutions
Delivering outstanding services with proficiency, efficiency and simplicity
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Our organisation

Since its inception in 2012, the 1stMed Health Solutions Ltd. Training & Consulting division has continued to provide industry leading evidence-based training, consultancy and support services in the health and social care and education sectors. Our specialist team assists organisations and individuals by providing best in class training, advice and solutions in reducing restrictive practice, enhancing safety and wellbeing, the prevention of violence and aggression, de-escalation, management of crisis behaviours that challenge present risks and giving staff the necessary skills to deliver quality care. We support organisations in providing safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and continuous improvement.

We are unique in that we offer a varied and wide ranging services as we have an exceptionally skilled team. We recognise that training and consulting only gets staff and organisations part-way to the desired destination. We therefore also provide services that bridge the gap between training and practice and support with organisational or individual action plans thus affording all involved the best chance of success and better outcomes.

Whatever your needs, we have most likely lived it, dealt with it, supported someone through it or know someone who has. This is why are the ‘one-stop shop’ for your individual and organisational needs. 

Our vision

Our vision is to support services to provide safe and secure environments, encourage nurturing and therapeutic relationships that promote human rights which enable individuals to achieve positive outcomes and improved quality of life.

We aim to provide outstanding services with measurable outcomes dedicated to helping organisations reduce risks, attain their aims and objectives and meet regulatory expectations. We strive to be the chosen provider for organisations seeking to commission evidence-based, person-centred, human rights-based services that are also effective and efficient and confirm our standing as a provider of excellence.

Our Leadership team

Our leadership team is comprises of two Directors with almost 50 years combined of experience in frontline services and remain involved in clinical and operational practice to ensure that they not only have the best understanding of current challenges in the workplace but they also use and improve the same skills that they teach and advise on. 

Our lead director and consultant is a Registered Nurse who has has led and directed practice and innovation for almost 25 years. She has extensive experience at a clinical, operational and strategic level. She is renowned for her diverse knowledge and expertise in clinical and social care practice, leadership and management of teams and services, reducing restrictive practice, violence risk reduction, crisis management, service development and improvement, project management and developing and delivering training.

almost 50 years combined of experience in frontline services
We led and directed innovation these areas over the last 30 years.

Our trainers and consultants

Our specialist team have expert knowledge and experience in equipping frontline staff, managers and directors with the appropriate skills to prevent, reduce and manage risks in the workplace with the ultimate goal of minimising exposure to negative outcomes as far as is possible, while continuing to positively support individuals in their care. They are highly skilled in supporting organisations within continuous improvement in order to deliver the best quality services.

Our team have in-depth and varied experience in working at all levels of organisations in health care, social care and education thus enabling them to provide an insightful and rounded service. This puts us in a unique flexible position of being able to match your organisation with the team that best fits your needs at all times.

We also have access to additional vetted personnel who are experts in their own fields.  Because of these long-standing partnerships, we are able to meet a range of your needs under one roof. 

Our values

As a values-based organisation, our culture is shaped by clear principles that have established a foundation and guiding principles that are central to everything we do. Our team find alignment between their personal values and 1stMed’s values thus creating a unified and safe space for our team and all stakeholders. We believe in the power of compassion, trust, collaboration, innovation and being extraordinary

We are compassionate

We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter and never lose sight of that the individuals in services are at the front and centre of all we do. We fully believe in compassionate leadership. We suspend judgment so we can appreciate others’ perspectives or situations. We are genuinely concerned about the other people’s needs, show empathy and take thoughtful action to help everyone reach their potential. 

We are trustworthy

We work with uncompromising fairness, respect, openness, honesty and integrity speaking the truth in a positive manner and act in good faith at all times. We build trust through responsible actions, honest relationships and responsible decisions based on professional standards. We recognise that trust is valuable, takes time to earn and affects all things therefore we take all steps to remain authentic. 

We are collaborative

We understand that we achieve more when we join forces and work together with maximum efficiency towards a common goal. We recognise that will will not thrive without valuing the varied skills and strengths of everyone we work with. We listen to each other and evolve together helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal. We believe in the power of reciprocity.

We are innovative

We recognise that the only constant in life is change therefore we embrace growth and drive change working from the premise of continuous improvement to provide quality, value and service. We pursue growth and learning using all available resources to develop professionally and expand our capabilities. We are proud of where we are but know we have a way to go. We strive to redefine the standard of excellence to stay relevant and keep up with the industry’s and customers’ changing needs. 

We are extraordinary

We take pride in providing high standards of quality and best in class services tailored to our customer needs. We maintain rigorous standards for all of our work no matter how big or small the project. We care deeply about our work, about providing excellent customer service and we truly care about achieving results for individuals and organisations. We go all out to stand out from the rest to ensure customer satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency, increased productivity and overall growth.

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