Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn
Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing
Staff come first. If you take care of your staff, they will take care of your clients
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Training built around you

1stMed Health Solutions recognises the need for a personalised approach which offers learners and organisations a variety of learning pathways. We offer a wide range of flexible learning options including virtual training, face-to-face training in a classroom session and on-the-job role-modelling and coaching sessions while staff are in practice thus bridging the gap between the classroom and the practice area and supporting with problem-solving complex situations.

We provide training tailored to all levels of an organisation. We offer a selection of mandatory training courses however we truly believe that is not enough. That is why we offer training to skill staff on that which they need to practice safely and produce positive outcomes both for the organisation and the individuals they look after while keeping them motivated to perform better.

Our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training focuses to a great extent on prevention rather than management with the aim of reducing the need for physical restraint and other restrictive interventions. All our face-to-face training includes a theory session prior to the delivery of practical skills.

Our courses include various teaching aids in order to suit different learning styles. This include taught presentations, videos, reflective questions, interactive exercises, as well as a rich seam of academic reference, for those learners who want to work more in-depth with the evidence base we draw from.

We ensure that training is directly related and proportional to the needs of the populations and individual people in specific services and delivered according to a regularly reviewed Training Needs Analysis. We guarantee that training will be delivered by competent and experienced training professionals who can evidence knowledge, skills and experience that go far beyond the application of physical restraint or other restrictive interventions.

Our courses include

Reducing Restrictive Practice (theory)

Understanding Mental Illness (theory)

Safe and Supportive Observation and Engagement (theory)

PMVA Personal Safety and Breakaway (theory and practical)

PMVA Teamwork Skills (theory and/or practical)

Seclusion and Long-Term Segregation (theory and practical)

Understanding behaviours that may challenge / Crisis management (theory)

Understanding the Mental Health Act / Mental Capacity Act (theory)

Bespoke courses based on your organisational and staff's needs

Don’t see a course that you would like?

Don’t worry. Call our friendly team to discuss your needs. With the years of practice experience, knowledge and skills and service leadership we; it is highly likely that we have worked with someone like you in a similar situation.

Consultancy to solve complex challenges

1stMed Health Solutions has a team of experts who are well placed to harness the power of knowledge, skill, experience and support from known sector-leading colleagues to understand personal and professional needs, address your unique organisational needs and work out where we can provide added value to your organisation, the people you look after, your staff and other relevant stakeholders. We diversify our approaches and remain adaptive and fluid in order to better support your organisation.

Our consultants are experts in becoming your asset. We apply a systems thinking mindset to get to the heart of our clients’ challenges achieving meaningful and sustained outcomes and balance and harmony in the overarching organisational needs, the needs of those using services and staff needs. We integrate into your organisation to ensure a streamlined, seamless, innovative and outcome-focused service.

We view each project and an opportunity for organisational growth that supports staff to unlock their talents and insights and continue to learn and thrive even after our input concludes; and a chance to positively change people’s lives. We offer a range of consultancy options for all user organisations no matter what your stage of problem-solving or implementation and whether you use training delivered by 1stMed Health Solutions or not.

Examples of our consultancy services include

Development of policy and guidance

Review of practice

Review and development of practice documents

Manager support

Individual service user care and support

Personalised support plans

Complex case reviews

Development and completion of audits and support with associated action plan

Development of bespoke training

Don’t see a service that you would like?

Don’t worry. Contact us to discuss your needs. With the years of practice and consultancy experience, knowledge and skills and service leadership within our team; it is highly likely that we have worked with someone like you in a similar situation.

Ongoing support

One of 1stMed’s distinguishing features is the relationship we foster with you that goes beyond the provision of an individual training and consultancy services. We are committed to remaining available to give ongoing support around the services we will have provided to better equip you to help people in your services. We pride ourselves building relationships that are not merely transactional but are built on high levels of trust and understanding of organisational needs. With that in mind, we can provide guidance in relation to areas of practice around the implementation of our training and support with situations posing challenges.

We believe that the support we offer not only improves services, but also reduces the use of restrictive interventions, cuts down on injuries associated with the use of those restrictive interventions we cannot avoid and goes a long way to improving the quality of service delivery. Our ongoing support also has proactive elements which involve us alerting you to relevant developments in policy, practice and research in your sector and settings.

We are committed to supporting organisations and our community of trainers and practitioners as best we can. Should you need us, we are only a phone call away. Our specialist team are always happy to help.

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